Visiting regulations

Your safety is our priority. Children under 6 years old, women in late pregnancy and disabled groups of people are not allowed to enter the Ostankino TV Tower. People under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances could be refused the entrance to the premises.

Thank you for understanding.

We care about your safety and health. Please follow these 3 essential rules while visiting the TV Tower
For Adults:  

Passport or:

  • Passport of a Russian citizen (domestic or foreign)
  • Passport of a citizen of a foreign country, residence permit, temporary residence permi
  • Military identity card
  • Temporary identity card of a citizen of the Russian Federation
  • Service certificate of a supervisory or law enforcement officer
  • Social card of the Muscovite
  • Driver's license
  • Birth certificate (for minors under the age of 14 who do not have a passport or other document listed above)

All documents must be original

For children under 14 years old: 

  • Birth certificate (copy is also allowed)

All documents must be original

All citizens entering “MRC”, their hand-luggage, as well as all driving through transportation means shall be checked at points of inspection for prevention of bringing-in (transportation) of any prohibited items or substances, namely:

  1. WEAPONS: fire, gas spray, traumatic, and pneumatic weapons, ammunition supplies, bullets, and fillers. Combat, service, hunting, sportive, and nation-wide souvenir weapons, components and elements of the above-listed types of weapons and ammunition (fillers).

  2. Cold weapons: cutting (swords, axes, pole-axes, etc.), thrusting (knives, daggers, spades, etc.), thrusting and cutting (canjars, backswords, etc.), thrusting and blading (knives, return swords, etc.), shock-crushing (knuckles, chain maces, nunchucks, extendable batons, etc.), and missile (crossbows, boomerangs, ninja stars, darts, etc.) weapons.

  3. Special protection and active defense means (armored jackets, protective helmets and masks, gas spraying guns and tear-gas aerosols; electric shock devices and spark gap structures, shockers; light-shocking devices, rubber (wooden, metal, etc) truncheons (batons); handcuffs, manual gas grenades, light and acoustic shells, etc.).

    Items listed in Clauses 1-3 are prohibited, even if a citizen has the appropriate licenses.

  4. Explosive substances (solid, liquid, gas, and other)

  5. Toxic agents

  6. Radioactive agents

  7. Narcotic and psychotropic substances (pills, capsules, powders, herbal mixtures, gelatinous pills or substances, liquids, etc.).

  8. Fire-hazardous, highly inflammable, toxic and redolent substances (fuel and lubrication, paint-and-lacquer materials, solvents, alcoholic substances, cylinders with gas and other substances, any components of chemical production and toxic substances, which may inflict harm to health of citizens, acids and alkali, corrosive substances, mercury, chlorine, biologically hazardous substances (infected blood, various samples of viruses and bacteria), fire extinguishers, and etc.

  9. Pyrotechnical items and substances (fireworks, fountains, detonators, flare pistols, fire flappers, and etc.).

  10. Items and substances, which may be identified as prohibited or hazardous (including fake weapons, and etc.).

  11. Sharpened items (including cold weapons): axes, pincers, hooks (tyre levers, nail catchers), surfaces with spikes, fish spears, spades, ceremonial and religious knives, and etc. Knives from any material (iron, ceramics, polymers). Hazardous shaving blades. Lancets, scissors with blades over 5 cm. Ski poles. Drills. Jackknives. Screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, head saws, hand drills, and other carpenter and fitter’s tools, and etc.

  12. Blunt instruments, which may inflict injures: baseball, cricket, and softball bats, golf clubs, hockey clubs, boat oars, all types of billiard sticks, angling rods, etc.

  13. Transportation means: bicycles, scooters, push stand-up scooters, rollers, skates, and other wheeled means of transportation, foot-controlled jumping appliances, and etc.

  14. Alcoholic drinks.

  15. Oversize hand-luggage (suitcases, bags, rucksacks, and etc. with dimensions over 40х80х30 cm).

    In addition to the above-listed items, the following is also prohibited at the territory of TV Tower:

  16. Any liquids and food, glass (ceramic, porcelain, etc.) utensils, aerosols and small cylinders (hair spray, deodorants, antistatic agents, and etc.), medical equipment, mercury thermometers, etc., large-size hand luggage (suitcases, bags, rucksacks, and etc.).

  17. Animals and birds.  

  • If you have your cardio stimulator or any other implant that can be influenced by metal detectors installed, please, bring your medical confirmation document.
Any additional information is required? Please, contact our call-center

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