Congratulations on World Television Day!

On September 27, on our media screens a video in honor of the TV industry workers' professional holiday will be displayed.

For 53 years at height

Today the Ostankino TV Tower celebrates its 53s birthday. On November 5, 1967 an act for acceptance into operation of the Union Radio and Television Transmitting Station dedicated to 50th anniversary of October was signed by the State Commission. It was the first name of the TV Tower, which was given 53 years ago.

Noveber 4 is National Unity Day

Congratulations on one of the most important Russian state holiday! In honor of Unity Day the Ostankino TV Tower is coloured in national way. The video cards with letterings "Russia" and "Happy National Unity Day" will be displayed on our media screens.
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Akademika Korolyova street, 15 buiding, 2 house

55.819682°, 37.611663°

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На общественном транспорте
By public transport:

“VDNkh” Metro station, T№ 13, T15 bus “Excursionniy korpus telebashni" stop, № 36, 73 trolleybus “Ulitca Akademika Korolyova” stop. Main entrance is located on the Novomoskovskaya Street side.
“Mariina Roscha” Metro station № T13, T15, 24  bus “Excursionniy korpus telebashni” stop.
«Alekseevskaya» Metro station - № 561, 379, М9 bus «Ulitca Akademika Korolyova» stop
By car:

Chargeable city parking on the
Novomoskovskaya street. Main entrance is located
on the Novomoskovskaya Street side.

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