In truth, the most attractive thing in height is an opportunity to rise above the everyday routine and interim and to examine movement of life from above.

Therefore, tall structures symbolizing drive of a modern person for progress attract large number of tourists all over the world.
Interest to tower tourism became global after foundation of the Global Federation of Great Towers, at the baseline of which was Ostankino Tower.
Built in 1967 upon the project of Soviet engineer Nikitin, N.V., Ostankino Tower, reaching the height of 540 meters, it became an architectural and engineering milestone of its time.
Such known sights of Moscow city as Star boulevard, Akademika Korolyova Street, All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNKh), and “Ostankino” TV Center are close to the tower not only territorially. In the era of conquering of new heights by a human being, Ostankino District became a progressive and cultural part of the city, and Tower became a symbol of its time and city.
Ostankino Tower, being created for transmission of television and radio signals to new distances, remains of key importance up to present days.

Nowadays, Ostankino Tower is a part of the Branch of Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network, the leading Russian telecommunication agency.
At the same time, it is literally one of the most noticeable signs of Moscow city and point of attraction for million tourists all over the world.
Visiting Ostankino Tower is a perfect way to have a lively time and to get an unforgettable experience.

Rise at observation deck located at height of 337 meters with an exciting panoramic city view and try to find all landmark buildings of Moscow city (and may be your own house).
Possibly, you would be interested in engineering secrets and internal design of Ostankino Tower? Then you would have 85th technical level ahead, which was open for visits in 2017. Following touring around the highest structure of Europe, you may relax in restaurant “7th Heaven”, where you may wonderfully examine the capital city and enjoy the Russian and European cuisine.
If you are looking for a place for business event, presentation, corporate event, concert, theatrical performance and even festive event, OpenAir platform of Ostankino Tower and “Ostankino” Concern Hall, which are able to arrange for every event, are the best suitable.
And their location in close proximity to one of the most imperial national structures makes any event unforgettable for our guests.
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