Ostankino TV Tower in final of The World’s Best Photo of #Architecture2020

The Ostankino Tower has got to the top-50 of photos, selected for final of the Agora International contest. Agora is an application for photographers, that enables people from all over the world to share spectacular pictures. The contest started on March, 10. It was dedicated to the theme of unique architecture and its balanced combination with natural landscape.

Pictures of Ostankino Tower in the fog, according to users' vote results, didn't leave anyone indifferent. We are looking forward to the opening, when all our guests will be able to walk above the clouds and see our great city with their own eyes.

You can see contest photos of the Tower <a href="https://agoraimages.prowly.com/94289-the-worlds-best-photos-of-architecture2020 "> on link</a>.