Happy International Day for Protection of Children!

On the first summer day the large video greeting card is going to appear at media facade of the Ostankino TV Tower. It is dedicated to The International Day for Protection of Children. It will be an one more reminder to the adults about necessity to respect children's rights for life, respect for children's rights to life, freedom of opinion, education, rest and leisure, protection against violence, against child labor exploitation for creation of fair and successful society.

The Ostankino TV Tower pays special attention to our young guests. A new informative excursion named "About the High and not only" was developed specially for them. A giraffe has become its symbol. During the tour children discover building's structure and technical features of the TV Tower's conctruction. The tour takes place in game format with using handout materials and bright stickers for better understanding and engagement.

The Ostankino Tower is looking forward to opening its doors for children after cancellation of lockdown in Moscow.