For 53 years at height

Today the Ostankino TV Tower celebrates its 53s birthday. On November 5, 1967 an act for acceptance into operation of the Union Radio and Television Transmitting Station dedicated to 50th anniversary of October was signed by the State Commission. It was the first name of the TV Tower, which was given 53 years ago. But nowadays everybody knows it as the Ostankino TV Tower. The Tower for more than half a century has remained a symbol of Russian television and radio broadcasting and a place of attraction for thousands of tourists who want to experience the feeling of flight, standing on the observation deck at the height of a 112-storey skyscraper.

Nikolay Nikitin, its creator, in 1967 said that the Tower was able to stay during 300 years. Now it is November, 2020 and the Tower has still attracted delighted glances of people who remember what it was 50 years ago, just like the young, but from the 21st century. The Ostankino TV Tower is example of somethihg, that unites us and gives us pride of our country. Despite its half-century age, the Ostankino TV Tower still is the tallest building in Europe, which combines digital innovations, tourism business and amazing history.

On the birthday of the Ostankino TV Tower, a bright festive video card will be displayed at the media facade. Everybody can congratulate one of the main Russian attractions.