Ostankino Tower was included in promotional video for the final of World Travel Awards - 2020

The World Travel Awards has been held since 1993. It is supposed to be the most prestigious tourism award. The prize is given annually in more than 80 nominations.

In 2019, Moscow won in the "Best Travel Destination. City”, got ahead of European capitals, and also New York and Sydney. In 2020, Moscow was nominated for World Travel Awards in seven categories, including the best tourist, cultural and event destination.

The winners of World Travel Awards-2020 will be announced today in Moscow at 18:00. The final online ceremony will take place on the worldtravelawards.com portal and on the project's social media pages. Award participants and viewers from different countries will see videos about the Russian capital and its main attraction points.

We congratulate our beloved city on helding this famous tourism award and we will try to keep the Ostankino TV tower among the most bright and famous sightseeings of our capital.