Ostankino TV Tower will be decorated with New Year's architectural illumination

On December 24, a New Year's light show will be launched for the first time on the Ostankino TV Tower. Until January 10, from 18:00 to 23:00, it will be going on for 5 minutes at the top of each hour. So, on New Year's Eve artistic architectural lighting of the Ostankino TV Tower will decorate Moscow from 00.00 to 01.00.

Opportunity of the light show's holding has appeared due to new illumination of the Ostankino TV Tower. The new lighting is going to be the highest in Europe, as well as the highest artistic architectural illumination in the world, which is used in low temperatures.

New equipment highlights the unique shape of the tallest structure in Europe and increases its aesthetic effect. It will also make it possible to hold light shows, which the Ostankino TV Tower is going to hold on public holidays and important events.

Lighting equipment was installed along the half-kilometer body of the tower, there are LED spotlights with multicolored dynamic illumination - more than 550 different light sources in total. Lighting devices are able to change color, form a beam with prisms, project images, create bright flashes and beam's movement. Lamps are intended for architectural illumination of facades, therefore, they provide high brightness of the outdoor lighting.

Our new illumination system works in different modes, including night, festive and free.