Ostankino Tower holds joint action with BTS fandom

On February 17, at 18:00, a videocard with image of Korean singer Jung Hoseok (J-HOPE) will appear on media facade of the tallest building in Europe - the Ostankino TV Tower. Also, our lighting will turn into purple for a day. Purple is the official color of BTS fandom.

The CIS fandom ARMY (name of BTS fans' community) for the first time have decided to become a part of the birthday projects for J-HOPE group (date of birth February 18, 1994). Similar projects in support of the world famous pop-group were only in Asian countries, Europe, America, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia.

Purple became the color of BTS and their fandom back in 2016 when one of the singers said “I purple you” to a multimillion audience. Since that, purple became a symbol of the group, fandom and the UNICEF Organization. BTS and UNICEF ran international charity social projects and initiatives.

On February 17, congratulations are going to appear on large screens in St. Petersburg, Kazan and Minsk. The BTSforia community - "fan base" of BTS in the CIS has organized this event.

Also worth noting that 2021 has been declared the Year of Cultural Exchanges between the Republic of Korea and Russia.