The results of the race to the Ostankino TV tower

The incredible competition of the best athletes of the world for the championship in the race for Ostankino TV tower has come to the end. We congratulate the winners:

1. Christian Riedl, 9:51 am
2. Piotr Lobodzinski, 9:52
3. Tomas Celko, 10:27
4. Wai Ching So, 10:30

1. Cynthia Harris, 12:15
2. Dominica Wisnievska-Ulfik, 12:48
3. Christina Bonacina, 14:14
4. Maria Elisa Lopez, 14:26

Absolute records were broken in the categories of men and women! The race for the Ostankino TV Tower summed up the trail in the brightest sporting season of our country. We thank the partners for their cooperation and the audience for the emotions.