The Ostankino TV Tower «Journey to Youth»

From July 20 to August 2, one of the main symbols of the USSR era, the Ostankino TV Tower, invites everyone to make a Journey to Youth! A recreation park in the Soviet period style will unfold at the foot of the tower. Here you can spend time culturally with your family. There will be presented such activities as board games - signs of Soviet yards, retro-bike races, modeling section, pneumatic shooting gallery, pioneer rollcalls, sports grounds for volleyball and mini football, and bard songs with a guitar. Atmosphere of 60-70s will send guests in time when our world didn’t know the Internet, apartments were communal, and in parks music was always playing! A special event of the weekend (July 20 and 27) will include fashion shows in Soviet style and open dance floor, where anyone can feel himself like a dude and learn boogies, as well as waltzes, tango or quadrille. Also, all visitors will be conducted on free excursions (if you buy an entrance ticket to the tower) on historical part of the Ostankino television tower, which will allow tell visitors extensively about the Soviet era and construction of the tallest building of the 60s, 20th century. “Garrison-A”, the largest organizer of military history festivals and reconstructions in the 20th century, is the main partner of the Ostankino Tower for event “Journey to Youth”. Entrance is free.