Pioneer dawn

We begin to tell you about platforms of the Park “Journey to Youth”, which unfolds at foot of the Ostankino tower from July, 20 to August, 2.

Do you know the pioneer organization (Soviet version of scouting) was born in the young Soviet republic in 1922 and the first two years of its existence named after Spartacus?

Many people remember their pioneer childhood - meetings, waste paper collections, trips to camp, the game "Zarnitsa", marching song contests, pioneer campfires. It was sad to go home at the end of summer!

We invite you to make #JourneytoYouth. Who didn’t take part in the pioneer movement, at our event can learn more about history of their country.

On site of our Park you can find some interesting facts about features of pioneer life. For example, you discover why in the 1920s pioneer tie wasn’t tied, but fastened with a clip and what was pictured on it, what mean logs of campfire on the pioneer badge, in what they swore at initiation in the pioneers and about what pioneer horn trumpeted.