Sharpshooting check

“When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk”, said Clint Eastwood’s hero in a spaghetti-western “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, which released in 1966. Soviet people saw this film only on pirated video tapes in the 1980s. Meanwhile, in the USSR there were shooting galleries at each recreation park. It was quite simple to get on the crawling caterpillars of ships, tanks, or a string of ducks that fell backwards, shot down by a bullet. But it was a special luck to hit the mechanical target, where the sight was taken out of the figure itself and an accurate shot included a prize attraction – at the mill a wheel had started to spin, the plane was taking off, flying down and dropping the bomb! Generation that grew up on shooters and lasertag, take the challenge - in our Park you can check yourself for sharpshooting in a real shooting gallery from an pneumatic rifle! The rules are Soviet and extremely honest. Who knocks out 10 out of 10 will get 10 extra bullets. If victory repeats, a well-aimed shooter will receive a DOSAAF certificate!