Welcome to Russia!

On the Ostankino TV Tower a popular Korean travel show (Salty Tour) filmed. The show broadcasts on “TV N” channel. “Salty Tour” introduces audience to the world capitals and reveals their tourist potential.
Hosts of the program are famous comedians, models, actors and singers of the Republic of Korea. Participants find interesting places to stay, food and entertainment by themselves and don’t use classic guide book.  

During the production on the Ostankino TV Tower 7 actors were visiting multimedia complex, observation deck at 337 meters, admiring by night view of Moscow from the open deck at 340 meters. Most of the time actors gave to dinner in “7th Heaven” restaurant with spinning floor.

From 26 to 29 of July show production had been passing in the most famous places of our capital.
Support was provided by the Moscow City Tourism Committee.

Opening nights of the program about Moscow in 3 series are scheduled for August 2019.