Open-air observatory continues its work

On August, 11, at height of 340 meters, night observations took place in the project’s “Astronomical Hour with the Moscow Planetarium” scopes.

August and September are the most favorable months for astronomical observations in central Russia. At this time, Milky Way rises through the zenith. Thus, the most starry sky’s part settles down directly above the head. With a clear sky, you can see through the telescope not only single bright objects, but also constellations, distant star clusters.

The telescope, which was mounted by the Moscow planetarium has a diameter of 120 mm, the maximum increase of which is 240 times. With it, in the sky over night Moscow it was possible to see the growing moon, Jupiter, Saturn and star Vega.

The astronomer of the Moscow planetarium Maxim Morozov told interesting facts about observed objects. For example, he explained what kind of seas, mountains and craters a natural satellite the Earth has, and pointed what features of planets were visible to the naked eye this night.

Next observations are going to take place on August 14, 15 and 16. Start at 21:00 and 22:00. In the first half of September, several sessions are expected even under good astronomical conditions.