Ostankino Tower Run 2019

On August 24, Ostankino Tower Run is going to take place. This vertical run has difficulty 200 (the maximum possible difficulty for such type of races).

More than 30 athletes from 12 countries are going to take part in the competition. They have to overcome the 1704 steps along a narrow metal stairs inside the TV tower and reach the observation deck at height of 337 meters. Length of the vertical distance is 686 meters.

Last year Christian Riedl (Germany) won the race, setting a record of 9 minutes 51 seconds. In female start won Cindy Harris (USA), who reached the finish line in 12 minutes 15 seconds.

Many of athletes are going to take part in the Ostankino Tower Run for the second time. They note the TV tower route is one of the most difficult among such buildings.

The metal stairs is more than 50 years old, its width is 1 meter. Angle of its inclination varies from 39 to 56 degrees. Throughout the distance there is no day light, it complicates this climb.

The competition is organized with TWA (Towerrunning World Association).

Each year TWA organizes about 300 races at skyscrapers around the world. Next competition is taking place in Australia at the Sydney TV Tower, where the athletes will have to overcome 1504 steps.

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