Results of Ostankino Tower Run

A new record was set by an athlete from Poland - Peter Lobodzinski and was 9 minutes 36 seconds. The second result belongs to Wai Ching Song from Malaysia - 10 minutes 6 seconds, and next to the finish line ran Mexican Alexis Trujillo - 10 minutes 17 seconds. Fourth place belongs to athlete from Germany - George Heimann. He crossed the finish line in 10 minutes 21 seconds.

Among women, the best result was also updated, Valentina Belotti from Italy ran to the attitude of 337 meters in 10 minutes 54 seconds. The second place belongs to Suzy Walshem from Australia - 11 minutes 40 seconds. Bronze went to the winner of last year - Cindy Harris from the USA - who was able to reach fihish line in 12 minutes 46 seconds. The fourth place came to Cristina Bonacina from Italy - 13 minutes 59 seconds.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants of Ostantino Tower Run 2019!