Initiation in muscovites

How meteorological robots work on tower, what a "tower dance" is, how frogs react to changes in atmospheric pressure - children will be able to find answers to these and many another interesting questions during the animation program for young muscovites "Between Heaven and Earth". Guides tell the children all secrets about the tower, introduce Moscow from edge to edge from a bird's eye view.

In the final, children have an opportunity to test erudition with Boyarin and Boyarynya. Animators conduct an interactive game, during which you can learn a lot from history of Moscow and life of citizens of past centuries. At the end of the quest, a ceremony of initiation to muscovites awaits everyone with the presentation of sweet gifts and memorable diplomas!

In total, there are 10 interactive educational programs at the Ostankino TV tower for school-age children. The interests of students of all ages are taken into account: both the lower grades and the senior.