Weddings at height

Newlyweds are common guests on the tower. They have fallen in love with our marriage registration platform at the height, so the ceremonies are extended until the end of year.

When couples choose place for wedding ceremony, they accent their attention on uniqueness of the place. They said when they had discovered possibility of wedding, wnich might take place not in the registry office, they had choosen the Ostankino TV tower without any hesistation.

We remind you to register a marriage at observation deck of the Ostankino TV tower, you must contact the Medvedkovsky registry office. Registrars come to us on Fridays. In turn, staff of the TV tower meet and accompany each couple and their guests on excursion route. The team consists of a coordinator, guide and photographer of the tower. For the bright end of memorable day, the restaurant complex "7th Heaven" also provides its services to all couples.