Waiting for New Year

Have you thought about approaching the most magical holiday? The Ostankino TV Tower together with the World of School Excursions company offers children to plunge into the New Year’s atmosphere. Exactly a month later, on the tower will be organized educational excursions with New Year’s quests with participation of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and other fairy-tale characters.

For younger students has been prepared a New Year holiday with the animation program “For the Seven Locks”. This is a quest which contains puzzles. With prompts you need to find the Key to treasure chest and exit from “snow” maze, answer the questions of “cold” quiz and get the treasured gifts.

Older children will find the Ostankino Residence of Santa Claus with the quest "Journey a Thousand Miles". The program includes searches for secret signs with passing tests, discovering New Year traditions for different countries and awarding New Year prizes.

Schedule of programs:
December, 14 at 12:00
December, 19 at 14:00
December, 21 at 13:00 and 14:00

More information and tickets https://scooltravel.ru/ishop/276_1with the quest "Journey to a thousand miles".