2019 – how it was

In summary,
• The biggest Saint George's ribbon was unfolded at the foot of the Ostankino TV Tower.
• In 2019, marriages were registered on the Ostankino Tower for the first time. About a hundred couples said «YES» to each other at the height of 337 meters.
• In June on the tower took place the highest blood donation campaign in Moscow.
• In summer, observatory appeared on the open observation deck at attitude of 340 meters. It gave an ability to observe the stars and planets.
• The Ostankino TV Tower is the only place in Russia where international vertical races take place. A new record was set by athlete from Poland - Peter Lobodzinski and was 9 minutes 36 seconds.
• On November 5, the Ostankino TV Tower celebrated its 52nd birthday with the exhibition «Connection of Times». It was devoted to the history of communications and information development.
• Since the end of 2019, the highest mailbox in Russia locates on the observation deck at 337 meters.