Happy Valentine Day!

On February, 14th, love is especially felt in the air. Bouquets of red flowers, boxes of chocolates and valentines today are relevant for most lovers.

Congratulations with the Valentine Day and wish everyone to be happy! We invite you to spend this day with your half at the height of the Ostankino TV Tower!

Today, all day we congratulate Muscovites and guests of our capital with a declaration of love - the biggest Valentine on the media facade.

Everyone who decide to visit us these days will be able to immerse into beautiful atmosphere. The observation deck has already turned into a garden of red butterflies. Today since 17:00 live music will have been playing here. Valentine cards also rush to their recipients by Russian post in the morning. And this is not all surprises.

By the way, according to legend, the first Valentine card was sent by Valentine, who sacrificed himself for his beloved. And red roses were the favorite flowers of Venus - the Roman goddess of love.