Fatherland Defender's Day on Ostankino Tower

On February 21, several historical points will be presented on the Ostankino Tower's territory: a machine gun point, military postal service, and regimental artillery. All visitors will be able to hear military songs, take part in a master class on assembling and disassembling a Kalashnikov gun, take a picture with the legendary "Maxim" machine gun and try on military uniforms.

Last year marks 100th anniversary since birth of shooting arms creator Mikhail Kalashnikov. At the foot of the tower will open an exhibition of different models and machine guns from its first prototype (1947) to the extreme model. All expositions works from 12.00 to 20.00.

On observation deck there will be a photo zone with clothing from 20th century beginning. A dresser will pick up overcoats and "budenovki" for men, dresses and hats for women. Everyone will be able to make a memorable photo. Here you will be able to congratulate men with their holiday by writing a letter with a fountain pen and send it from the highest mailbox in Russia.