Beyond the Times

On November 5, one of the main symbols of Russian television, the Ostankino TV Tower, celebrates its 52nd birthday!

From November 3 to 5, on the eve of this event, a special exhibition called “Connection of Times” is going to hold in front of the TV tower. It's devoted to the history of communications and information development. It will include interesting facts from the flag alphabet to the era of digital TV.

Visitors will be met by postman Pechkin. It will be 7 locations. Here you can write a letter with a pen or print a telegram, use pigeon mail, study Morse Code, watch popular programs of the 60-80s. Army signalmen will show military communications and teach techniques for encrypting and decrypting secret messages and, at least, show flag alphabet.

Also a real radio engineering laboratory for measuring television and radio signals opens as part of the exhibition. It will be located in specially equipped vehicles of the Russian television and radio broadcasting network (RTRN). It intends to measure analog and digital terrestrial TV signals in the field conditions.

A special event on November 5 is a theatrical performance with arrival of Brezhnev and ministers of the 60s on retro cars - “Seagull” and “Volga” GAZ-21. As part of the reconstruction, employees of the TV tower will make a report on completion of the Ostankino Tower in operation, tell interesting facts about the stages of building and construction features.

Entrance to space in front of the Tower is free.